Call to Humanity

  • As the global population continues to increase, rural areas are expected to accommodate future growth at the same time as continuing to feed Chemical free food for growing populations.
  • Organic farming could be a perspective manner of farming that includes a positive impact on the Health of the Human,and Quality of Soil,Purity of Water,Chemical free Food ..
  • If we look at the Countries Economical Strategy for Youth Employment and Support to Agriculture is less Comparatively Other fields.
  • It remains a dilemma as to why young people are not interested in taking agriculture as their first choice employment.
  •  It is time for youth to appear at agriculture, leaving behind the attitude of Seeking of White Collar jobs.
  • Time will Come to Everyone to look Agriculture as a primary need and Earning money will be secondary..
  • So Here we are Trying to Give our Best in this Website to Emphasize the Importance of Organic farming and Its Importance in our daily life.


Arvind Prabhu

B.E Computer Science

Digital Marketer,Freelancer

Near Aparna Talkies Basava Circle Manvi




Praveen Patil

 M.Sc Agriculture

Organic Farmer since 15 Years.

Near Prem Talkies I.B Road Manvi.



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