Natural Farming with Zero Budget

  Natural farming with Zero Budget, because the name implies, It is a technique of farming where the price of growing and gathering plants is zero. This implies that farmers Don’t need to Buy fertilizers and pesticides so as to confirm the healthy growth of crops. Natural Farming is a holistic Approach in the field […]

Waste Decomposer

Waste Decomposer What is waste decomposer? Here we have the Answer for how it is prepared and how it is used for the Crops and its Advantages…  National Centre for Organic Farming has developed a Best Solution to Farmers in the Year 2015 to make Farmer and the soil Chemical Free, and also More Economical […]


  Panchagavya Panchagavya is one of the most important Preparation Used for many purposes since from may Ages.It has Growth Promoting and Immunity building Properties on the Plants. Ingredients Required to Prepare: The name Itself indicates it contains Five products of the COW.but recent developments have added few more elements in its preparation.The main five […]

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation Drip irrigation is suitable for fruit crops, vegetable crops, oil-seeds, plantation crops, forest trees etc.Drip Irrigation system is extremely economical compared to alternative typical strategies, since a larger space may be brought beneath cultivation, associated provides an equal amount of water to all or any the plants even on slanted or undulating lands. […]
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