Organic Rice

Organic Rice

Organic rice,without any Chemical rice

I have been Growing Rice Organically since from fifteen years. Rice is one of the easiest crops to grow organically. But whenever it is grown chemically it is infected by lot of pests and diseases. This leads to use of lot of pesticides and fungicides.

But I have been growing rice since fifteen years and have never spread even botanicals to control pests & diseases. Ecosystem of rice contains lot of predators & parasites, it easily self-regulates its pest-predator dynamics.

My simple method to grow organic rice is as follows:

Growing of Green manure crop for 40-60 days and Incorporating in soil is one of the cheapest way of increasing soil health & fertility. Then planting the Rice seedlings after incorporation of green manures the second step Depending on the Ground reality of water management once or twice Weeding is done.

Then in Paddy field Azolla is released which helps in Nitrogen fertilizer uptake, Covers the ground which prevents spreading of Weeds. Also at the end adds to organic soil matter Enrichment.

Then at the right time the Rice is harvested without application of Pesticides even once. The Economics of rice growing the Cost of Production is High Compared to Normal Chemical Paddy growing.

The Economics of Organic rice is always More Profitable than the Economics of Chemical way of farming…

The Economics of Chemical rice Farming is as Follows, Since many things Vary in Time and Space, The Cost of Production is Around 30,000/-acre and If the Yield is 40 bags with a 1500/-per bag ,The Gross income will be 60,000/-.So The net Income will be around 30,000/- approximately.

But there are other methods in Organic Rice Growing Where in the Yield can go Beyond 50 Bags per Acre.

One of Such a method is to Grow Rice is Where a Single Seedling of 20 days is planted at a Distance of 20 Inches in rows of Drip Irrigation. For that Between Plants JEEVAMRUTHA is Applied Every Week Which is an Essential Practice. This Leads to Lot of Tilling in Paddy Which Pushes the Yield Beyond 50 Bags.

The Rice can be grown with Drip Irrigation (as I Mentioned above) with 2*1.5 feet Spacing near Each Dripper a Single Paddy Seed is Planted. This Leads to Lot of Tilling in Rice Paddy When a single Plant is allowed to grow with a Sufficient Space around it, JEEVAMRUTHA or the WASTE DECOMPOSER is given through Drip Irrigation at a Weekly Interval. This Method of Growing Rice can lead us to enhance the Yield up to 50 bags. When the Yield is beyond 50 bags the net Profit can cross beyond One lakh, If the Paddy is Converted into Rice and Sold at the Cost of 60/- bag.

Praveen Patil

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