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Organic Farming

Organic farming

Organic  Farming is one of the best Solution in  Strategic Agriculture,Which is Environmental Friendly,Builds a Active and Healthy soil,Reduces Effect of Global Warming,Organic Farming Supports Water Conservation and Water Health,etc..

Organic Farming and Natural Farmings are the Boon to Environment as well as humans, in the Early 20th Century in the field of Agriculture.Organic farming is developed by so many People and Organization and the Scope of Research and Development are vast in this Field.

Farming is one of the Ancient cultures of Humans. The one Lorient Symbol of Civilization is Development of Agriculture. Before that Humans were Hunters and Gatherers.

Though Farming is as Ancient as Civilization the Chemical Farming Became Lorient around the Time of Second World War. The Terrible Dangers of Chemical Farming were showed to the world by the Book “Silent Spring “by Rachel Carson. Gradually in spite of its danger, Chemical Farming Spread its Wings Far & Wide and is now became the Prominent Method of Agriculture. In spite of Dangers of Pesticides, Herbicides, Chemical fertilizers on Human Health & Environment We are Unable to stop its Usage. Why???

Here we are trying to analyze the Psychology behind Rejection of chemical Farming and Accepting Organic Farming.

The method of Farming Depends on the Psychological State of Mind of Farmers. Accordingly, an Egoistic man Will to chemical farming, one who is willing to be Unselfish will try Organic Farming, but only One Who has become one with Nature will do Natural Farming. There may be a lot of gradations in between and also lots of Methods and Styles of Farming. But we are categorizing all of them under Nonchemical Methods.

So the Questions are –Why the organic farming not practiced in Larger Scale?

Is It Not Profitable?

Is it Difficult?

Does it take a long time to convert?

All the above can be Dismissed Easily, but if we examine the human Psychology he is Averse to the new change and always man is Conservative, Seeks Security in the group-soul dictates. Since the group soul is in the Chemical farming man cannot easily accept the other non-chemical methods. It is only here & the Awakened Individuals Who are Practicing it. In spite of many people trying to popularize organic farming, the momentum of change is slow, because of his psychological immaturity. The Philosophy of Natural Farming Investor and Saint Masanobu Fukuoka; As Humans move from infra-rational via rational to supra-rational Psychological. So is the method of farming progresses from chemical via organic towards natural methods?

Advantages of Organic Farming

  • Poison Free Food for Humanity
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Builds Active and Healthy Soil
  • Reduces Effects of Global warming
  • Helps in Water Conservation
  • Comparatively Less Investment than Chemical Farming

The man has to deal with Himself and with Nature. This quality of relationship with himself, with others and with nature depends on his psychological maturity. As man measures himself his relationship with nature & the methods of farming too will evolve.

So the Central issue is Evolution of Consciousness in man to Achieve an Integral solution to all his Problems.

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