• Panchagavya

      Panchagavya is one of the most important Preparation Used for many purposes since from may Ages.It has Growth Promoting and Immunity building Properties on the Plants.  

    Ingredients Required to Prepare:

      The name Itself indicates it contains Five products of the COW.but recent developments have added few more elements in its preparation.The main five Ingredients are : 1-Cow Dung 2-Cow Urine 3-Cow Milk 4-Cow Ghee 5-Cow Curd. The Other Elements that can be added are Jaggery,Sugarcane Juice,Banana,Tender Coconut Water.  

    How to Prepare?

      Step-1 The Standard method of preparation is to take an earthen pot in which 5 kg of dung is mixed with 2 kg of ghee.   Step-2  Using a stick for Everyday twice it has to be mixed(Morning & Evening) for the next four days.   Step-3 On the fifth day 5 litres of milk,5 litres of curd and 5 litres of Urine should be Added and Mixed with a Stick . Step-4 The Mixing has to be done twice a day for the next fifteen days .   Step-5 The pot has to be Covered with a cloth for Its Mouth.   Step-6  At the end of twenty days the Preparation is Rready for Use.   Step-7  Depending on One’s Choice the Other Ingredients can be Added.  

    How to Use ?

    • One Liter of Panchagavya is mixed in Thirty liters of water for spraying.
    • The Prepared Material can be Preserved for 60 days.
    • The Spraying can be done 3 to 4 times in any given Crop at an Interval of 15 days.

    Advantages of Panchagavya:


    • Panchagavya promotes the growth of leaves.
    • With the applying of this magical manure, you can observe tremendous root growth.
    • The mean-life of fruits and vegetables also increase conveniently.
    • The quality of vegetables and fruits is best,since you have used all natural resources in this Panchagavya.
    • One will reduce the utilization of Chemical fertilizers with the assistance of this organic fertiliser.
    • You can feed Panchagavya to animals like Pigs, cow, fish and poultry along with their respective food,so that it will improve the immunity level of the animals.
    • The Cost of Preparing this fertilizer is Almost Negligible, if you have cows in your home.
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