Waste Decomposer

Waste Decomposer

What is waste decomposer?

What is waste decomposer? Here we have the Answer for how it is prepared and how it is used for the Crops and its Advantages…

 National Centre for Organic Farming has developed a Best Solution to Farmers in the Year 2015 to make Farmer and the soil Chemical Free, and also More Economical Viability.

If we see in the today’s world we are consuming full of Chemical foods, nothing is left in its Pure Form all the things got mixed with Chemicals, including Water, Vegetables, milk, food, egg, Meat Everything, if we List those things our page will be filled with these things.

It’s time to investigate ourselves regarding these things. For all these problems we got Solution that is Waste Decomposer. It is actually Extraction of Microorganisms from Desi Cow Dung. It is in Powder state. Which is of 30 gram’s in the bottle as shown in the image. It is distributed Directly through NCOF and RCOF. Waste Decomposer is validated by ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research).

It is used for Quick Composting from Organic Waste, Soil Health Improvement and Plant protection Agent.

How to Prepare?

Step 1-Take one bottle of Waste Decomposer and mix it well in 200 L of water in the Barrel.

Step 2-Add 2 kg of Jaggery in to this Barrel and Stir it twice a day.

Step 3-Keep it for One Week the Solution will get prepared.

Step 4-Take another 4-5 Barrels Depending on Your Requirement.

Step 5-Add 20 liter of Prepared Solution, 2 kg of Jaggery, Remaining of Water to Each barrel.

Step 6-Stir it twice a day Morning and Evening for around 10 days.

Step 7-Solution will get Prepared after 10 days, Take it and apply to your Crop.

Step 8-Repeat the Above Steps 5 and 6 once the solution get Empty.

 Advantages of Waste Decomposer


  • Waste decomposer application a thousand liter per acre changes biological and physical properties of all kind of soil (acidic, and alkaline) inside twenty one days of application and it helps to get fish worm population within the soil up to four 100000 in one acre land in precisely six months.
  • All perishable material like town waste, animal waste, room waste, agro waste, town waste decompose in forty days.
  • Seed treatment with waste decomposer shows 98% early and uniform germination and provides protection before sidling emergence.
  • Waste decomposer application eliminate up to 90% uses of every type of pesticides/fungicide/insecticide since it controls each root diseases and shoots diseases.
  • Farmers can do farming with the utilization of waste decomposer while not victimization chemical fertilizer and pesticides. There’s no Necessity of Urea like of organic compound once waste decomposer is applied.
  • Foliar spray with waste decomposer controls all sort of microorganism, plant and infectious agent diseases effectively in several crops.

How to Use it?

 It can be given to your Crop When you Supply Water to it, if you are Supplying Water in Drip Irrigation just Add this solution and Supply through it.

If you are Using Normal method of Water supply just mix it with water where the Canal starts to your farm.




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